What's Happening With Team Audrey

You might be wondering...where is my money going?? Here are some of the projects we are currently working on as well as some of the initiatives we have on the horizon!

- Providing Cincinnati Children's Hospital meal cards to HLH families staying at the hospital during bone marrow transplant. No one should have to worry about their next meal while taking care of their sick kiddo!

- Initiating a financial assistance program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital for HLH/BMT families that need just a little extra help with their finances. Check out our application form here!

- Sponsoring meals at the local Ronald McDonald House.

- Hosting toy drives and purchasing toys for the Inova Children's Hospital hematology/oncology unit. (This is the hospital where Audrey was first diagnosed.)

- Sponsoring a music therapy equipment/mobile cart for the bone marrow unit at Cincinnati Children's Hospital! The custom-built mobile music therapy cart will include a variety of instruments, a computer, and recording equipment that can be used in a patient’s room.

- Sponsoring Cincinnati Children's Hospital HLH research and development needs. More info can be found here.

Working On:

- Currently brainstorming with the Cincinnati Children's Hospital child life department on ways for Team Audrey to sponsor a therapy room for HLH children, sponsor a new health initiative to improve BMT success and/or provide supplies for the therapists to use on HLH patients.