Meet Team Audrey


Jen Bryan

Audrey’s Mommy and President of Team Audrey

When Audrey was diagnosed with HLH, our world came to a screeching halt. Everything, from that day forward, became about keeping our little girl alive and well. Now that the tough times are behind us, I spend my days spreading HLH awareness, raising money to help HLH families being treated at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and volunteering with the Histiocytosis Association, Be The Match, Inova Blood Services and the Ronald McDonald House. 

I’ve had a lot of jobs over the years but my favorite and most rewarding job is being a Mommy. Audrey is my little buddy, my partner in crime, my cuddle bug, my peanut and my histio fighting superhero. My little warrior princess is going to do very big things in this World and I’m so proud to be her Mommy.


Adam Bryan

Audrey’s Daddy and Vice President of Team Audrey

I am Audrey’s Daddy and, unfortunately, I am no stranger to HLH. I lost three siblings to the disease so when Audrey became sick, I knew we had to do everything we could to save her. Modern medicine has come a long way since my brothers passed but there’s still so much we have to learn.

Currently I work as a marketing consultant, but my real job is helping my little “Monkey” explore the outdoors, build with Legos and perform fun science experiments with rocks and marshmallows.

Audrey's diagnosis, treatment, and recovery has been extremely difficult for Audrey and our family. With so much behind us, we hope to help other families manage through similar experiences and ultimately help doctors to find a cure. 


Mark Smith

Audrey’s Grandfather aka Papi and Treasurer of Team Audrey

Mark Smith is Director of the TS GSD CSC Center of Excellence (CoE) team, a global organization responsible for customer support for emerging technologies like Cloud System Matrix, Helion OpenStack, SAP HANA, and SDN/NFV as well as legacy proprietary platforms like NonStop and OpenVMS. In addition, the Global Deployment Center is responsible for coordinating installations and upgrades for 3PAR technologies. Mark’s goal is to create a superior and differentiated customer experience. 

Most recently, Mark led the CPR&Q Global NonStop Solution Center (GNSC) and Business Critical Systems (BCS) Global Competency Center teams. Previously, he has led worldwide teams focusing on Business Process Engineering and Knowledge Management initiatives.  He has extensive experience in the industry and a wide knowledge of engineering and service delivery functions. Prior to joining HP/Compaq/Tandem he was a Software Engineer.  

Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from LaSalle University and is Certified Support Manager (CSM). He has served on multiple Boards over the years and resides in Front Royal, Virginia. Even though he is an empty-nester, he enjoys spending time with his three grown children, and his four adorable granddaughters. 


Laura Swope

Audrey’s Aunt, Secretary of Team Audrey and our Be The Match Liaison

My name is Laura Swope and I am lucky enough to be Audrey's aunt. I am also the mother of two amazing girls so I understand the joy that comes from watching them grow up and enjoy life. When I first heard that Audrey was sick I was completely heartbroken. My first reaction was to turn to Google for an explanation of the disorder and more information on the treatments Audrey would receive in order to get better. Unfortunately, there was little information to be found and very few happy endings to the stories I read. Audrey was one of the lucky ones. Watching her struggles and triumphs has been an eye opener and taught me to cherish every day with my children because you never know what tomorrow might bring. I am happy to join Team Audrey to help educate and advocate for this still somewhat mysterious disease and to give other families a chance at happiness.


Lynde Herzbach

Audrey's Friend and Fundraising Committee

I first met Audrey when she was born, almost two years after my twins were born. My husband, Bryan, and I were so excited to have some local friends with kids. Bryan and Adam met as undergrads at Duke, and we met Jen at a very spooky vacation house in Rhode Island in 2011. I remember Audrey’s first birthday party was one of the most amazing events. A few weeks later, we were sad that Audrey couldn’t make it to the twins’ birthday party, but could not fathom the diagnosis and difficult road to come. I am so impressed with Audrey, Jen, and Adam’s fortitude and strength. Audrey’s constant smiles and courage combined with her parents’ ability to learn, adapt, and communicate were impressive and inspired me to try to find ways to be involved. And now, I am excited to work with Jen and the rest of Team Audrey to help spread awareness and try to help other families.